To develop ethical and self-sustained research projects funded by institutions outside the Department of...


CPAD – the Center for Drug and Alcohol Research  - is located in the Hospital de Clinicas of Porto Alegre and is linked with the Department of Psychiatry...


 CPAD Members



In parallel with CPAD, the Collaborating Center on Alcohol and Other Drugs HCPA / SENAD was created in 2010, being the first in the country...


Research Lines

Currently the Center's research lines are divided into 3 axes ...

Traffic, Alcohol and Drugs (NEPTA)

NEPTA was created in 2009 as a specific core of CPAD for ...


The Center for Clinical-Biological Research (NCB) was created together with the new


Master professional

The CPAD offers the Professional Master in Prevention and Assistance to Users of Alcohol and other Drugs, of interdisciplinary nature ...

Master and PhD Degrees

In the ambit of the CPAD, master and doctoral projects are developed academic mainly anchored in the Graduate Program ...



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