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Sensu Strictu Master's and Doctoral Programs

Master and PhD academic projects are developed at CPAD, mainly based on the Postgraduate Program in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of UFRGS, which keeps a grade 7 from CAPES – the Brazilian Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - already for three consecutive evaluations.

More detailed information about the program can be found on the website:




Participation in the program follows the academic calendar established by UFRGS and CPAD has three professors authorized by the Postgraduate program to advise students: Flavio Pechansky (master's and doctoral degree); Lisia von Diemen (master's and doctoral degree); Félix Henrique Paim Kessler (master's degree).

Eventually, projects developed with supervisors from other UFRGS graduate programs are also developed at CPAD:

- PPG in Medical Sciences / UFRGS: José Roberto Goldim

- PPG in Nursing / UFRGS: Márcio Wagner Camatta

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