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Currently, the research lines of the Center are divided into three axes:

Axis 1 - Models of prevention and treatment of drug and alcohol users

Encompasses the development of new technologies and the knowledge and adaptation of strategies of prevention, evaluation, therapeutic approaches and social reintegration of users according to the reality and specific needs of the services related to the network of assistance.


Professor in charge: Lisia Von Diemen

Research Nucleii

Axis 2 - Traffic, impulsivity and Psychoactive Substances

This line is active in producing and analyzing epidemiological and laboratory data on the impact of alcohol and other drug use on different consumption and exposure scenarios - in addition to the effect of impulsivity and decision making on driving, often in collaboration with investigators from Brazil and abroad, aiming at translating the findings to subsidize preventive actions and public policies.


Professor in charge: Flavio Pechansky

Axis 3 – Clinical-Biological Markers

This line develops studies that evaluate innovative techniques for the treatment of alcohol and drug users in different stages of recovery, through the understanding of psychiatric comorbidities and neuronal damage in users of alcohol and other drugs.


Professor in charge: Félix Kessler

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